Turning Lemons into Lemonade

In March 2006, I spent a week at the nations largest homeless shelter, just hanging out with the homeless. We broke bread together, played board games, and chatted while walking through the streets of DC. 



It was there that my life was forever changed, by a homeless man completely cursing me out for sitting with him to talk.  I was later asked by the center manager how the situation made me feel, and I replied, “he was rude”.  He then asked me this question: “Can you say how your mental state would be if you came home one day to see your house burning down and when you run inside to save your family, you lay eyes on their burning bodies. Do you know?” 

I knew in that moment what my purpose was. I wrote a letter to myself that night to “Wake Up!” And I knew I had work to do. So I became the community service chair for my fraternity, a team leader with Volunteer USF, and the outreach director at my church with one goal: to help people. 

It wasn’t until February 2013 when we (accidentally) hosted our first Blessed 2 Bless event that I realized, this is it. This is my purpose. This is why I’m here. No, I am not Blessed 2 Bless... WE are, but it is my responsibility to lead. 

We can all do something. Whether it’s donating money, time, or talent - I believe that together, WE will creatively change the world and I can’t let 2020 come in without giving purpose a shot. 

In 2016, I painted my first canvas painting that I gifted to my niece and sold the next a week later to my cousin for supporting Blessed 2 Bless. Ironically, three years earlier in 2013 after our first Blessed 2 Bless event I wrote, “I believe that together, WE will creatively change the world.” I had no idea how and I hadn’t painted since 9th grade, but somehow I knew that this was how it would happen. 

Blessed Art’s first supporter, EllaVitta

Blessed Art’s first supporter, EllaVitta

Then fear knocked again and said I wasn’t good enough and I kinda listened. Kinda didn’t. I would do a little here and there but was honestly shying away from my vision.  

So today I am knocking back at fear and saying that I will carry out the vision and do my part in creatively changing the world. I will Just Keep Going and continue to provide opportunities for us to Just Keep Going, together. 

Please visit at blessed2bless365.com to donate or volunteer today!  You may also donate through CashApp using our tag $blessed2bless365   

Your donation will help us to provide education, housing, and healthcare to those who need it most, but first... they must eat! 

WE’re Blessed 2 Bless y’all...

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

Let’s Do It!

Posted on January 10, 2019 .

Just Keep Going

Last month, we launched a gofundme to raise money for Blessed 2 Bless.  It has been so exciting to see how so many people are coming together for a common goal: to serve a King.  

If you haven't gotten your shirt yet, make sure to get yours today.  WE are going to #justkeepgoing until WE reach our goal because WE have people to feed!  (Notice the capital WE's.)  It's going to take all of us, joining together and believing that WE can creatively change the world.  

With a $20 shirt, you join us in saying that no matter what, WE don't give up.  WE WILL creatively change the world. & WE're blessed to be a blessing...  Let's Do It! 

Posted on June 17, 2017 .

WE're Blessed to be a Blessing!

The name of this organization came about as odd as its original formation.  While in Publix, ordering a Publix cake to feed over 200 Kings and Queens, I realized, we had nothing to write on the cake.  Immediately, I called Dena and told her we needed something to put on the cake!  

She thought for a second and said, "Roderick's Birthday Celebration" and I said, "No!"  I didn't want to give off any impression that it was about me.  It was about US.  So Dena hang up the phone and I walked around the store for a few more minutes gathering items.  

About five minutes later my phone rang. 

"Put Blessed to be a blessing."  and immediately I replied, "Let's do it!"  

From then, we've been getting out the word that WE're blessed to be a blessing.  It takes all of us, coming together and using what we have to creatively change the world.  

WE're blessed to be a blessing.  Let's do it! 


Posted on October 31, 2016 .