WE're Blessed to be a Blessing!

The name of this organization came about as odd as its original formation.  While in Publix, ordering a Publix cake to feed over 200 Kings and Queens, I realized, we had nothing to write on the cake.  Immediately, I called Dena and told her we needed something to put on the cake!  

She thought for a second and said, "Roderick's Birthday Celebration" and I said, "No!"  I didn't want to give off any impression that it was about me.  It was about US.  So Dena hang up the phone and I walked around the store for a few more minutes gathering items.  

About five minutes later my phone rang. 

"Put Blessed to be a blessing."  and immediately I replied, "Let's do it!"  

From then, we've been getting out the word that WE're blessed to be a blessing.  It takes all of us, coming together and using what we have to creatively change the world.  

WE're blessed to be a blessing.  Let's do it! 


Posted on October 31, 2016 .